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Why We Fear gets to grips with the essence of fear in life and in business. Why We Fear uncovers the mechanisms of fear and the huge role this often misunderstood emotion plays in our daily lives. At the same time, it dismantles fear into understandable and actionable parts. When fear is divided into its constituent parts, the hidden workings of fear and fear based habits become visible. In this way, the book charts a road-map for how to deal with this often destructive emotion, and the heavy cost of fear in life and in business.

Fear has always been at the very core of human experience, and yet people generally seem to believe that it is a force of nature outside their own control. Fear is often seen as a mystical, poorly understood influence that creeps up on us at the worst possible moment, wrecks our performance, dulls our wits, and makes our lives shrink. Why We Fear robs fear of this mystique. In addition, as Henkka Hyppönen points out, fear is not always a disastrous and destructive force. Sometimes, a little injection of fear helps us to perform better as individuals and as teams. 

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Pelon hinta

Pelolla on hinta; siitä voi hyötyä tai maksaa kalliisti. Pelon tunne määrittää yllättävällä tavalla käyttäytymistämme ja on läsnä lähes jokaisessa elämämme tärkeässä päätöksessä. Pelon hinta kertoo pelon usein väärinymmärretystä luonteesta ja siitä, miten pelko voi romahduttaa toimintakyvyn mutta myös parantaa suoritusta niin bisneksessä kuin yksityiselämässä. Kirja pureutuu pelon eri ilmenemismuotoihin ja osoittaa, miten tunteen tuhoavat muodot voitetaan ja hyödyt otetaan käyttöön.

Here´s the link to buy the book: http://www.adlibris.com/fi/kirja/pelon-hinta-9789513176808

Best Enjoyed Raw

You’re tuned in to what’s going on in your life. You believe that you see and experience things as they truly are. And you think most of the decisions you make are rational and reasonable. Well, you’re wrong and you’re trapped. 

This is the story of three life traps that are in all likelihood making you restless, anxious, fearful and overemotional. But this is also the story of how you can free yourself from them.

It’s the story of the steps you can take to stop being trapped and start living your best life yet. Because life tastes best when enjoyed raw.

At most, just one-fifth of what you see is retained by your retina.

The first trap (the anticipation trap) prevents us from experiencing the world around us as it truly is. We see reality as we expect it to look. Our lazy brains interpret the world around us as faction, a combination of fiction and fact that we rarely ever question.

Why is it so much easier to choose good chocolate over a good workout?

The second trap (the pleasure trap) causes us to mis-in-terpret our feelings and desires and go after things that aren’t good for us. Pleasure and pain drive virtually everything we do in our lives. And just as it is with the other traps, it happens so subtly that most of the time we don’t even know why we act the way we do.

What would you think if your spouse was away on a business trip with a attractive colleague and you got no answer when you tried to call?

The third trap (the thought trap) makes us victims of our own thoughts. Whenever we replay thoughts over and over again in our minds, we’re not fully present in our own lives. And when you’re not present, you can’t make good decisions. Your mind is like an untrained Golden Retriever – up for anything and interested in everything. It’s tail wags with excitement and it’s constantly sniffing around for something to fetch.

You can free yourself from the anticipation, pleasure and thought traps by learning to understand how your mind works and training it to focus on the moment at hand – on being fully present. Enjoying life raw helps us see things as they truly are. And it helps us break free from those negative thoughts that gnaw away at us ,,,, and the negative ways in which we’re used to reacting to the world around us.

Best of all, most of the tools you’ll find in Best Enjoyed Raw actually work on a physiological level, which means they’ll help you make concrete and long-lasting changes in your life.

In this book, I share the most important lessons I’ve learned about being present over the course of my own life. And I use science and stories to back it all up. I’ll show you how we all have the power to face and overcome the challenges life throws us every day without losing our cool and our peace of mind.

This isn’t a self-help book, it’s a self-awakening book. And once you’ve read it, I promise you’ll never have another boring day again. And if you do, just go back to page one and start reading it again. 

And here's the link to the book website: http://nautitaanraakana.fi

And here's the link to buy the book: http://www.adlibris.com/fi/kirja/nautitaan-raakana-9789513168971

And the English sample of the book can be found here.

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